10 Reasons to Watch “A World of Calm” for Enhanced Mental Wellness

A World of Calm Production: HBO Max and Calm App
A World of Calm HBO Max Calm App
A World of Calm HBO Max Calm App

“A World of Calm,” a series by HBO Max and the Calm app, is a timely antidote to our fast-paced modern lives. Each half-hour episode takes viewers on an immersive visual journey to soothe the mind and relax the body.

Building on the success of Calm’s Sleep Stories, the series combines scientifically-engineered narratives, enchanting music, and breathtaking visuals to foster tranquility. “A World of Calm” uniquely combines relaxation techniques and storytelling, presented by HBO Max and the Calm app, to offer viewers a serene escape from the stressors of daily life.

A timely antidote for our modern lives, each half-hour episode takes audiences on an immersive visual journey into another world. Building on the record-breaking success of Calm’s Sleep Stories™ – bedtime stories for grown-ups with over 250m listens – each relaxing tale is designed to transform how you feel. Transporting the viewer into tranquility through scientifically engineered narratives, enchanting music, and astounding footage naturally calms your body and soothes the mind. Each story is brought to life by a different iconic voice and will take viewers on a journey everywhere, from a noodle maker’s kitchen in Seattle to the forests of Latvia and beyond our solar system to the outer stretches of the universe.

A World of Calm is the result of a unique collaboration between the makers of the Calm app for sleep, meditation, and relaxation and Nutopia, the team behind Nat Geo’s critically acclaimed series One Strange Rock.  

The series is co-produced by Calm and Nutopia, with Jane Root, Nicola Moody, Michael Acton Smith, and Chris Advansun serving as executive producers and Sara Brailsford and Fiona Caldwell as co-executive producers.

Here’s why this series is an essential part of your mental wellness routine:

Deep Relaxation: Each episode is crafted to engage the parasympathetic nervous system, reducing stress and promoting deep relaxation, making it an excellent tool for managing daily anxiety.

Premium Visual and Audio Quality: Combining high-definition visuals and soothing music engages the senses, fostering a meditative state that enhances mental clarity and focus.

Star-Studded Narration: With each story narrated by celebrities like Lucy Liu and Oscar Isaac, their familiar and comforting voices add a layer of relaxation and trust.

Diverse Relaxation Themes: From tranquil ocean depths to serene night skies, the varied content keeps the series interesting and ensures something for every mood and preference.

Scientifically-Engineered Narratives: The narratives are designed based on psychological research to calm the mind effectively, helping reduce stress and anxiety symptoms.

On-Demand Accessibility: Available anytime on HBO Max, this series provides a practical way to incorporate relaxation into your routine, which is crucial for maintaining mental health.

Inclusive Viewing: Appropriate for all ages, the series is an excellent way for families to introduce mindfulness and relaxation practices to children.

Educational Content: While relaxing, the series also educates about different cultures and natural phenomena, providing insightful and calming content.

Perfect Bedtime Ritual: Watching an episode before bed can become a ritual that signals your brain to prepare for sleep, improving sleep quality and duration.

Enhances Mindfulness Practices: Regular viewing can help cultivate mindfulness, improving emotional regulation and overall life satisfaction.

By integrating “A World of Calm” into your life, you gain not just moments of tranquility but also a tool that contributes significantly to your mental and emotional health.

Here is the list and synopsizes:

S1:E1 “The Coral City – Narrated by Lucy Liu”
Written by Phoebe Smith, Directed by Nic Stacey, Read by Lucy Liu
As the breaking dawn illuminates the thriving underwater metropolis of coral in Indonesia’s Raja Ampat archipelago, many tiny, majestic creatures work together to keep the reef alive. Narrated by Lucy Liu. 

S1:E2 “The Glassmaker – Narrated by Zoë Kravitz”
Written by Candace Reardon, Directed by Ben Devlin, Read by Zoë Kravitz
Aided by a deep understanding of the natural world, one of the Netherlands’ leading glassmakers harnesses the elements – earth, wind, fire, and air – to transform sand into wondrous works of art. Narrated by Zoë Kravitz. 

S1:E3 “The Birds’ Journey – Narrated by Nicole Kidman”
Written by Andrew Martin, Directed by Dan Smith, Read by Nicole Kidman
As spring arrives and birds worldwide take flight for their yearly migrations, a system of interconnected moving parts helps keep nature driving forward. Narrated by Nicole Kidman. 

S1:E4 “Snowfall – Narrated by Cillian Murphy”
Written by Mel McGrath; Directed by Karen McGann; Read by Cillian Murphy
After completing an epic voyage through the atmosphere, the real journey for snow begins after it touches down on earth, blanketing the world with promises of wonder and adventure. Narrated by Cillian Murphy. 

S1:E5 “Living Among Trees – Narrated by Keanu Reeves”
Written by Christina Yang, Directed by Emma Webster, Read by Keanu Reeves
To fulfill a childhood dream, a Latvian man roots himself in the slow and steady rhythm of the natural world to craft a canoe from one of its massive, yielding tree trunks. Narrated by Keanu Reeves. 

S1:E6 “The Great Beyond – Narrated by Idris Elba”
Written by Chris Advansun, Directed by Nic Stacey, Read by Idris Elba
As we take giant leaps in the advancement of space travel, galaxies’ vast, complex beauty reveals itself with a level of clarity and reach that prior generations could only dream of. Narrated by Idris Elba. 

S1:E7 “Noodles – Narrated by Oscar Isaac”
Written by Candace Reardon, Directed by Ben Devin, Read by Oscar Isaac
The story of a family recipe lovingly passed down through generations exploring the origins of the humble noodle from China to Italy and back to the USA. Narrated by Oscar Isaac. 

S1:E8 “A Horse’s Tale – Narrated by Kate Winslet”
Written by Faith Adiele, Directed by Dan Smith, Read by Kate Winslet
Uncover the true magic of horses – free, beautiful, and calm spirits who embody power, gentleness, and adaptability. Narrated by Kate Winslet. 

S1:E9 “The Gift of Chocolate – Narrated by Priyanka Chopra Jonas”
Written by Mel McGrath, Directed by Karen McGann, Read by Priyanka Chopra Jonas
Celebrate one of the world’s most prized and venerated trees, the cacao, a symbol of fertility and abundance once traded as currency – and a gift from nature that, above all else, gives us chocolate. Narrated by Priyanka Chopra Jonas. 

S1:E10 “Water, Giver of Life – Narrated by Mahershala Ali”
Written by Faith Adiele, Directed by Emma Webster, Read by Mahershala Ali
As water in all of its various forms weaves a tapestry across the globe and permeates every facet of life, take a moment to reflect on its journey and offer gratitude for all it provides. Narrated by Mahershala Ali.