Manifesto & Ethics

We communicate and tell stories and publish news with accurate information.

We obey laws and, public policies, privacy.

We protect confidential information.

We support free speech.

We support the free press.

We are sensitive to others’ cultural values and beliefs.

We give credit to others for their work and cite the sources.

We do not use confidential information for personal benefit.

We don’t accept and publish anything racist, discriminative, sexist, judgmental, or divided.

We don’t care where you are from, whom you worship, who you vote for, what color of your skin, or whom you love.

We love you as you are because you are amazing as you are.

We don’t care if your English is broken; we deeply love listening to your stories and highly respect you because we know how hard you try.

Our motto is to try your best, whatever the situation is.
We, of course, know sometimes things become a challenge.

And we truly believe in lifelong learning.
Because it is the only thing that makes a difference and significantly impacts our lives.

We want every woman in this beautiful world to live freely in peace with equal rights and live their best life.

That’s why we are here, to support you unconditionally in every aspect of your life.

Because, as women, we all deserve the best of everything.


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