Miren Oca: From Backyard Lessons to Empowering Empires

Miren Oca: From Backyard Lessons to Empowering Empires

March 29, 2024
Embarking on a journey of resilience, dedication, and heart, Miren Oca exemplifies how turning life's challenges into opportunities can create a legacy of success and community impact. From teaching swimming in backyard pools to building a business empire, her story is a beacon of entrepreneurial spirit and philanthropy.
Jessica Fritz Peters The Evolution of a Wellness Visionary

Jessica Fritz Peters: The Evolution of a Wellness Visionary

March 7, 2024
Jessica, a former professional modern dancer and Pilates instructor, shares her transformative journey from operating a solo business to becoming a wellness leader in West Hartford, Connecticut.  With a professional background in dance and movement deeply ingrained in her, Jessica's path led her from performing across the Bay Area to

Dr. Elnara Muradova from UCONN Dermatology

February 15, 2024
This story is a journey of triumph and a symbol of strength and resilience, essential for every woman, daughter, and student. It goes beyond one person's success, teaching courage, perseverance, and the relentless pursuit of dreams despite challenges. It encourages women to support and inspire each other, making it a


Prof. Ali Beba: A Pillar of Support

We just published one of our most special interviews. Umran Beba. While every woman holds immense importance for me, her story has a particularly special place because her interview is significant and a detail I can’t wait to share. Her narrative is undeniably substantial but equally essential is the role of Prof. Ali Beba, who deserves recognition for his unwavering

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What is Brain Dump?

What is Brain Dump?

Think about how busy our lives are with so many distractions, lots of information, and long lists of things to do. It can make us feel really overwhelmed. Just like a computer gets slow when it has too many tabs open or too many files, our minds can also get overloaded. That's where a "brain

MACRO Management vs. MICRO Management

In today's work life, a lot of women find themselves dealing with bosses who like to control every little thing they do. This bossing around is called micromanagement. It's when bosses pay too much attention to small details and try to control everything you do at work.

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Book Review: Fair Shake by Naomi Cahn, June Carbone, and Nancy Levit

Fair Shake

Let's talk about the workplace, there is a fact, women are still struggling to make real progress. Wages are down, degrees seem to count for less, and top jobs in tech, finance, and law are still mostly held by men.
The New Look, Apple TV

10 Reasons to Watch “The New Look”

"The New Look" offers far more than a captivating narrative set in the transformative era of war fashion—it presents a blueprint for resilience, innovation, and vision that can profoundly influence our work life.

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