15 mins read

Exclusive Interview with NLP Architect Nicole Schneider, Transforming Lives Globally

Explore the inspiring journey of personal and professional growth with Nicole Schneider. From conquering personal obstacles like her child's fear of exams to mastering negotiation techniques, Nicole's significant influence is clear. Read her story to see how her empathetic and strategic approach can guide you through life's intricate choices and help you realize your utmost potential.
May 10, 2024
Milla Liberson, An Emblem of Entrepreneurial Resilience and Growth
7 mins read

Milla Liberson, An Emblem of Entrepreneurial Resilience and Growth

Milla Liberson is not just the founder and president of the successful accounting firm Onpoint; she is an emblem of entrepreneurial resilience and growth. Juggling the roles of a single mother and a budding entrepreneur, Milla launched her business as a beacon of hope and stability for her family, leveraging her expertise in accounting and finance to build a venture
May 3, 2024
Miren Oca: From Backyard Lessons to Empowering Empires
14 mins read

Miren Oca: From Backyard Lessons to Empowering Empires

Embarking on a journey of resilience, dedication, and heart, Miren Oca exemplifies how turning life's challenges into opportunities can create a legacy of success and community impact. From teaching swimming in backyard pools to building a business empire, her story is a beacon of entrepreneurial spirit and philanthropy.
March 29, 2024
Shawniel Chamanlal, Healing Springs Wellness Center
16 mins read

Shawniel Chamanlal’s Revolutionary Approach to Social Work and Business Mastery

Not everyone you meet radiates warmth and inspires hope, but Shawniel Chamanlal is one such exception. Her practice, Healing Springs, mirrors her spirit – a haven of comfort and growth. This interview explores the journey of Shawniel, a licensed clinical social worker, entrepreneur, and guiding light, showcasing her unwavering resilience and commitment to empowering others.
March 22, 2024
Jessica Fritz Peters The Evolution of a Wellness Visionary
8 mins read

Jessica Fritz Peters: The Evolution of a Wellness Visionary

Jessica, a former professional modern dancer and Pilates instructor, shares her transformative journey from operating a solo business to becoming a wellness leader in West Hartford, Connecticut.  With a professional background in dance and movement deeply ingrained in her, Jessica's path led her from performing across the Bay Area to establishing her own Pilates studio. Her story unfolds through challenges,
March 7, 2024
18 mins read

Dr. Elnara Muradova from UCONN Dermatology

This story is a journey of triumph and a symbol of strength and resilience, essential for every woman, daughter, and student. It goes beyond one person's success, teaching courage, perseverance, and the relentless pursuit of dreams despite challenges. It encourages women to support and inspire each other, making it a vital read for females of all ages, urging them to
February 15, 2024
Lori Wyrebek: A Journey of Community Impact in Farmington Valley
8 mins read

Lori Wyrebek: A Journey of Community Impact in Farmington Valley

Inside Farmington Continuing Education, A Journey of Community Impact and Shaping Lifelong Learners. Here is Lori Wyrebek's Inspirational Story Lori Wyrebek, the Farmington Continuing Education Coordinator, is a distinguished professional whose career has been marked by excellence and dedication. Her journey in the field of education is a testament to her commitment to lifelong learning and her ability to adapt
January 26, 2024
Svetlana Chkolnik, Real Estate Broker, Connecticut
17 mins read

Meet Svetlana Chkolnik, From Russia’s Heart to Connecticut’s Artful Homes Discovering Passion, Resilience, and the Art of Reinvention

In the scenic town of Avon, Connecticut, stands a house that mirrors the essence of an art gallery. Each room tells a story, and every corner reveals a piece of history. This is the home of Svetlana Chkolnik, a real estate agent whose life journey is as vibrant as the artworks she surrounds herself with.
October 17, 2023
Rose Ponte, Director of Economic Development, Farmington, Connecticut
14 mins read

Rose Ponte, The Driving Force Behind Farmington’s Economic Surge

Meet Rose Ponte, Director of Economic Development for the Town of Farmington, Connecticut. Ponte is more than just a title; she's the beating heart for the businesses in Farmington. With a keen vision and unwavering dedication, Rose has been instrumental in shaping Farmington’s economic landscape, ensuring it thrives in today’s ever-changing global economy.
October 4, 2023