I’m Deb Chute, and my journey into the world of photography began at an early age. It all started when I diligently saved up enough money to acquire my very first Polaroid camera. Little did I know that this moment would set me on a path toward something genuinely extraordinary.

From the very beginning, I had a deep-seated passion for capturing life’s moments through the lens. Whether it was the beauty of everyday objects or the people who filled my daily life, photography had a unique way of allowing me to freeze time and preserve memories. However, it wasn’t until I became pregnant with my son that I realized the profound responsibility and joy of documenting the moments and milestones that he would experience throughout his life. I feared that these precious moments would fade away with time, and I wanted to ensure they were immortalized for both him and me.

With this newfound determination, I invested in my very first “real” camera, and my eagerness to master this magical device grew with each click of the shutter. As a mother of three incredible human beings, my dream of motherhood had come true, and I knew I needed a way to savor every precious moment of their childhoods. It was this desire that led me to establish my portrait and event photography business.

This venture has not only allowed me the flexibility to work around a hectic schedule but has also given me the privilege of sharing my vision for capturing the true essence of individuals and families in their most authentic and loving forms. My goal is to guide my clients to radiate their best selves in front of the camera while preserving these fleeting yet cherished moments in time for their own memory preservation.

I’m thrilled to be a part of She.Work, to empower and connect incredible women who tirelessly work to make a positive difference in the world.

I can’t wait to meet and collaborate with these inspiring individuals, sharing our stories and making a lasting impact together.

Debra Chute
Avon, CT
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