Lindsay Phillips Joins Velocity to Amplify Brand Growth and Community Engagement

New York – Lindsay Phillips, known for her extensive experience in marketing, social media, customer service, management, and event coordination, has recently joined the team at Velocity, a leading print-on-demand and direct mail service company. Her arrival is anticipated to be a game-changer in enhancing the company’s brand presence and community outreach efforts.

Lindsay Phillips

Phillips boasts a remarkable track record, with over 60 Google reviews highlighting her exceptional customer service skills and the positive impact of her collaboration with clients. Her career is studded with significant achievements, including leading numerous programs and orchestrating over 62 events in a single year, garring media attention for various nonprofits that successfully raised funds, and increasing campaign awareness within the community.

Her strong network, cultivated through her involvement with local chambers of commerce, positions her as a vital addition to the Velocity team. Known for her profound connections in the business community, Phillips is expected to leverage these relationships to further Velocity’s objectives and enhance its market position.

With a rich background in the print industry, particularly in the newspaper sector, Phillips brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Velocity. Her role marked her tenure in the newspaper industry as Vice President of the local union, where she earned national recognition for her exemplary representation of union members.

Velocity, founded in 1986, is based in the Northeast and serves many clients across New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Florida. The company specializes in print-on-demand and direct mail services, catering predominantly to sectors like higher education, financial services, nonprofits, and credit unions. With a commitment to providing custom solutions that enhance clients’ management of their branded materials, Velocity continues to grow and evolve.

Adding Lindsay Phillips to the Velocity team signifies a strategic move to bolster brand development and customer engagement. Her proven expertise and dynamic approach are expected to drive significant growth and innovation for Velocity, reinforcing its status as a trusted partner for marketing teams across various industries.