Hello, dear readers,

Welcome to Empower Her, a column that seeks to inspire and empower women on their journey toward strength, safety, and overall well-being.

My name is Pascale Buckingham; I’m a proud wife to my soulmate and a mother of two wonderful adult sons. Living in the serene community of Serenbe, Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia, my life has been a tapestry woven with diverse experiences. From international ventures in Hospitality and Tourism to corporate endeavors, a 13-year Feng Shui consultant and owner of a Feng Shui company in Switzerland, and a deep passion for plant-based cuisine, my journey has been both dynamic, fun, and enriching.

Alongside these experiences, I co-own ReadyHer, a company dedicated to inspiring and empowering women through awareness and self-defense. My outdoor pursuits, whether it’s hiking, mountain biking, or paddleboarding, reflect my love for an active and holistic lifestyle. I’ve learned to fight, both physically and mentally, through the challenges life has thrown at me.

Now, why “EmpowerHer”?

This column is a space for women to delve into the realms of safety, self-defense, and empowerment. We’ll explore how knowledge and skills can be formidable tools in fostering confidence and resilience. Expect personal insights from various perspectives drawn from my own experiences and those of incredible women I’ve encountered on this journey.

Empower Her aims to celebrate the beauty of being a woman without diminishing the strength and importance of our male counterparts. I’m not a raging feminist, but I wholeheartedly embrace the unique beauty and power that comes with being a woman. Yet, should the need arise, I won’t hesitate to stand firm and defend our rights.

I am genuinely excited about this journey we’re embarking on together. Empower Her is not just a column—it’s a movement towards fostering a community of empowered women who navigate life with strength, grace, and a deep understanding of their capabilities.

So, buckle up, dear readers. Let’s embark on this empowering journey together—one that celebrates the essence of being a woman while arming ourselves with the knowledge and skills to face the world head-on.

Here’s to empowerment, resilience, and the unyielding beauty of the female spirit.

Warm regards,

Pascale Buckingham
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