Beyond Academics: The Overlooked Aspect of College Preparation for Females

As parents invest significant time and resources in preparing their daughters for college, the focus often revolves around academics, extracurricular activities, and securing admission to the right institution. However, amidst the rigorous preparations, a crucial aspect often gets overlooked – the safety and well-being of young women as they embark on their college journey. In this article, we shed light on what is missing in the classical college preparation for females: a comprehensive approach that includes safety education and equipping them with the tools to avoid and if they occur how to navigate potentially risky situations.

Parents and educational institutions can play a pivotal role in bridging the safety gap by organizing safety seminars. These seminars can cover a range of topics, including personal safety, self-defense techniques, and emergency response protocols. By participating in these seminars, young women can gain valuable insights and practical knowledge that extends beyond the academic realm.

The co-owner of ReadyHer, Kris McGovern, brings a unique perspective to addressing the concerns and challenges faced by female students. Drawing from her experience as a former educator within the school system and Mum to a daughter, Kris has seen and understands the lack of knowledge and skills in awareness and safety in young adults. Kris is adept at recognizing these gaps and is dedicated to bridging them by sharing valuable knowledge, skills, and a genuine passion for empowering female students to navigate their educational paths successfully through ReadyHer. Did I mention that she holds four black belts in Martial Arts and Krav Maga and is a certified instructor? Indeed, she is a complete package of self-defense knowledge and skills.

As we gear up for the next wave of college preparations, let’s broaden our perspective to encompass the safety and well-being of the young women embarking on their journey. By including safety education, self-defense skills, and emergency response strategies in the preparation process, we not only equip females for academic success but also empower them with the tools to navigate the world safely. 

Remember, a well-rounded college preparation ensures that our daughters, nieces, friends, and granddaughters are academically prepared and capable of safeguarding themselves in various situations.

Pascale Buckingham
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